HydraFacial MD Elite

Skin resurfacing procedure that uses water and potent skin revitalizing ingredients to provide maximum benefits to the skin with no downtime. Cleanse, Peel, Extract and Hydrate your skin, leaving you with and amazing GLOW! Additional Boosters available, as well as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to detox & LED Light Therapy to Boost Collagen, help minimize Fine Lines & Wrinkles & Kill the P. Acnes Bacteria that causes Acne.

NanoFacial with Rezenerate WandPro Pen

RezPen is true Nanotechnology with tips 1000x smaller that any needles. Vibratory Facial Massage, Product Infusion, Accelerated Exfoliation. Known as the "Best Facial Ever".

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond Microdermabrasion is a wonderful option for most skin types, praised by both women and men. For this procedure, the outermost layer of dead skin cells are exfoliated (abraded) with a hand-held device with a tip that is covered in tiny diamonds, along with a vacuum suction to remove debris. Non-Invasive and can effectively reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Age Spots and more.

Signature Facial

Signature Facials that can be customized to your skin type, to cleanse, tone, steam, exfoliate, increase circulation and protection. A nice relaxing facial that will have you looking and feeling great about your skin.

Specialty Facial with Enzymes

Specialty Facial that incorporates Hale & Hush incredible Enzymes, which is a blend of botanical exfoliating enzymes that are a powerhouse against lusterless skin. They optimize the skin's complexion at a surface & cellular level to rejuvenate texture and tone for clarity that can be felt and seen.